Substance Abuse - ICE addiction


Substance abuse includes.........

Here we are talking addiction.  It could be alcohol, heroin, ICE, marijuana or a whole lot more addictive substances

Can hypnotherapy help?

If you have been shopping for a solution you probably already know the health, social , family and financial implication of using the substance of choice. If you need to know the downside and long term effects of on going use then consult Dr. Google.

Now, YES hypnosis can help. We will take the time at the initial consultation to plan your new life without substance abuse.

Clients 1A + B - After2 sessions:

Since I did hypnosis with Bruce I have noticed some fantastic changes. I now know myself and now feel clear. Thank you Bruce for your ease at making me feel comfortable and patient. F1018

My experience was good and although I was a sceptic, it helped. My decision process and did support my chosen directions, I don’t doubt that Bruce’s input to our condition will do nothing but help. And recommend his services to cope who wants support with a change they are finding difficult. D1018

This program is NOT Residential - Ideal for Remote or Country Clients

Most substance abuse rehabilitation solutions offering 12 step ICE addiction approach are 6 weeks or more live in treatment programs. We offer an at home supported program. This allows the functioning User to continue their day to day activities and work the program we offer. There will be a number of consultation commitments over the course of the program. Frequency will be determined at the Initial Consultation. 


Client 2 - After 4 sessions:

Since starting your sessions I have already seen significant changes in D’s personality, well being and behaviour and this is amazing! We both feel better and can see a brighter future with each other.

I had looked at a few other places, what grabbed me about you was how much you cared when we spoke on the phone and how involved you already were with D’s recovery – amazing!! B0219

I think Bruce has been very helpful to me showing me that there is more to life and has helped me find the right direction. D0219

We work with your health professionals

Your GP and if you are seeing Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Counselor or other health professions your hypnotherapist will communicate regularly with these health professionals so that there is a coordinated approach to your solution.

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