Hypno Birthing Program for hypno IVF & Gentlebirth™



 Gentlebirth™ is a very focused specialized Hypno Birthing program that will change everything you THOUGHT you knew about labor and birth. You’ll replace fear with feelings of comfort, confidence and being in control. 


  • - Increase your confidence during pregnancy , birth and parenting
  • - Feel more in control during labor and birth 
  • - Reduce your need for medication 
  • - Increase relaxation during labor 
  • - Enhance comfort & sleep during pregnancy 
  • - Help reduce the risk of Postnatal depression 
  • - Increase your breastfeeding success 


Hey Bruce

Just thought I would email you on my experience with the Hypno birthing course we did and my thoughts on it…

I would recommend the Hypno birthing course for anyone who is about to have a baby…The way other women talked to me about their birth stories really scared me about the upcoming birth of my baby and made me very anxious about going into labor to the fact that I was very worried about it and had stressed myself about the labor itself. 

I then did the Hypno birthing ……...ND

 Learn it one on one, at workshops or in the comfort of your own home.

One on One

  • 4 sessions @ $150 per session

Self Paced Home Learning

  • Complete Instructional guidance booklet and CDs



Infertility affects as many as 1 in 5 couples in Australia. It’s no  surprise with our fast paced stressed life styles. 

Although some researchers believe that negative emotions may prevent conceptions, it seems much more likely that these feelings are the result, not the cause, of infertility. Since mind and body are linked, our efforts to heal the mind will have a beneficial effect on the body. 

Sometimes referred to as Hypno-IVF, our fertility Program, A Fertile Mind™ helps you increase your ability to conceive by: 


  • - Increasing your sense of control and well-being 
  • - Reducing physical symptoms of insomnia, stress, fatigue   and headaches. 
  • - Teaching you coping strategies for sadness and grief 
  • - Assisting you to bring back balance to your life and   manage anger effectively 
  • - Managing anxiety and  discomfort during fertility treatments 

 Learn it one on one, at workshops or in the comfort of your own  home.