Emotional Freedom Technique


What is it?


Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT)  helps you learn to balance your energy  systems, neutralize negative emotions.
EFT is related to acupuncture but instead of  needles, your fingertips are used to tap on the acupuncture points or meridians, tapping through a sequence of points.
Often works where nothing else works; usually  rapid, long lasting and gentle; No drugs or equipment needed; easily learned by  anyone; and can be self applied.


Words from the developer of EFT


EFT was originally designed to  overhaul the psychotherapy profession. Fortunately, that goal has been reached as EFT has dramatically reduced therapy time  from months or years down to minutes or hours.
Along the way, we kept noticing that profound physical  healings were also taking place. Vision improved, headaches disappeared, cancer pains and  symptoms subsided and so on. The reason for this, we found, is that EFT addresses causes that  Western Healing Practices have largely ignored.
Medicine, for example, pays very little attention to  disruptions in the body’s energy meridians nor does it give much weight to emotional causes. These causes, of  course, are the centerpiece of EFT.
Thus it is no wonder that EFT produces benefits where  the medical profession has thrown up its hands.
The reason is simply because we are taking aim at  causes that others have largely disregarded.

© Gary Craig




Thanks buddy, BTW nailed the wedding speech. Great day! DR - SA



I found the session very enlightening.I have had a good reaction to my fear of spiders,i am rational about them and do not have the same hysterical meltdown when confronted with one.  DH - SA

Training Session

Thankyou for opening a knowledge window for me. You're an interesting presenter when speaking you captivate the audience well and utilise the stage and body languages. The interaction was an enjoyable action for the demonstration person. very well done. KL - WA

What I really liked about the workshop was the way you explained it and the simple way you showed us the tapping . It was easy to follow. You were excellent and found you easy to listen to. Sincerely with thanks.


I had an experience which I cannot explain. A phobia of snakes. I did EFT twice. At first I cannot believe that I can look at pictures which I couldn’t before. The calmness I felt after is unexplainable, if I had watched someone else I don't think I would have believed it. I would like to learn more.  ST - WA

I thoughly enjoyed my evening with Bruce. I learnt about EFT. It is amazing, something that is going to be in my life for ever. Tapping your fears and phobias away knowing you can do it yourself. RG - WA