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Community Health Workshop (Minlaton SA)


Level 2 Well Being Workshop (2 hours)

  MyAwareness – MySelfCare 

  • 2 hours of learn about effective tools for self care
  • Explaining why 'process' is good and the benefits of developing and using a process.
  • Demonstration of tool
  • Learning and practice of tool



I like the simplicity of the session and the relevance and accessibility to everyday situations.

I got a lot out of the session, and feel grateful to be aware of such an effective and accessible strategy to assist in managing all sorts of situations. Great techniques that I will most certainly use. Thanks for your time, greatly appreciated. AM

I am very thankful for the ability to empower myself to overcome my fears and maybe more helpful to those I love. MC


Enjoyable, Easy to follow and understand. I will certainly will practice .   VM

Thank you for the follow up. I enjoyed yesterday………..  I was running through the technique last night while I was driving the tractor carting hay. My day finished late.  VM 

Konekt EFT Worshop (Adelaide)


On the day!

  • 1 hour of changing confidence and fun
  • Explaining why 'process' is good and the benefits of developing and using a process.
  • Demonstration of EFT
  • Learning and Practice of EFT

This will be a winner    BR



Why? Because I was invited and remote communities often misses out.

I have been invited to offer Hypnotherapy Servies to the people of the Pilbara in November 2018. If there is sufficient REGISTRATION of INTEREST I will plan an initial visit with the view to return on a scheduled basis.

Following the registration period I will know whether there is sufficient interest to meet travel costs.

What's on Offer & How? It works like this.

When I get enough registrations I will set final dates and offer the following:

Training, Workshops & Consulting.

How will you support me between visits?

The most successful way to achieve this is by the use of Facetime or Skype. Remote hypnotherapy works well as a follow up from a face to face visit and can work even without that face to face in most instances.


I offer 2 levels of training. Master Hypnotist - 3 days. Hypnotherapist - 7 days. For more details give me a call or send me an email.

Now have a registration of interest in training. Anyone else?

Workshops - EFT & Self Hypnosis

I have presented the 'Basic Recipe' for Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to a wide range of audiences. Its a lot of fun with outstanding results. Just have a look at the Esperance experience!

Group activity learning a very powerful tapping technique for change. 2 hours.  You will leave amazed and changed.

Also will offer Self Hypnosis - This is NOT sit in a corner and tell yourself what you can and can't do. It IS a Mind, Body Spirit approach. 2 day course. Using your inner resources. 


Consulting for most issues takes 2 - 4 sessions. First session is approx 2 hours and subsequent sessions approx 1 hour. If required support materials are included in the cost.

Esperance WA in August


Emotional Freedom Technique (Esperance)

This workshop you will:

  • learn why all feelings are good if based in reality
  • why we have the 'too much' syndrome
  • why EFT works
  • how EFT works
  • learn Basic Recipe for EFT
  • practice and become proficient at EFT
  • learn to remove fears, phobias, control weight and more....

See you at the Esperance Gun Club Tuesday 7th August 2018 @ 7pm for 2 hours (maybe a little longer) for a full night of fun and learning. Don't be the only one not there!


Thankyou for opening a knowledge window for me. You're an interesting presenter when speaking you captivate the audience well and utilise the stage and body languages. The interaction was an enjoyable action for the demonstration person. very well done. KL

What I really liked about the workshop was the way you explained it and the simple way you showed us the tapping . It was easy to follow. You were excellent and found you easy to listen to. Sincerely with thanks. DL

I had an experience which I cannot explain. A phobia of snakes. I did EFT twice. At first I cannot believe that I can look at pictures which I couldn’t before. The calmness I felt after is unexplainable, if I had watched someone else I don't think I would have believed it. I would like to learn more.  ST

I thoughly enjoyed my evening with Bruce. I learnt about EFT. It is amazing, something that is going to be in my life for ever. Tapping your fears and phobias away knowing you can do it yourself. RG

Consultations - Names withheld

You will have no worries being a skinny girl :-) can't praise Bruce enough I feel good :-)

Weight Control

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Why Register?

Registering your interest allows me to evaluate the interest and feasibility of the travel. I have undertaken similar events successfully and plan to continue offering Hypnotherapy to remote country people and committed city groups.

If you have a specific issue you want addressed please add a note to the message section.

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