7 most asked questions


What is Hypnosis?


Each school of hypnosis seems to offer a different definition   of hypnosis. And, undoubtedly, as more is learned about hypnosis,   the definition will continue to change. But in most general terms   hypnosis is a heightened state of suggestibility. It is usually   brought about by way of a hypnotic induction.  The individual who is hypnotised may look as if she is asleep,   but she is not. Or, she may appear to be in a normal state of   consciousness with her eyes wide open. But the well trained   hypnotherapist does not confuse hypnosis with sleep. 

Can I be hypnotised?

 Just about everyone can be hypnotised. In fact, almost everyone   already has been hypnotised. Hypnosis is really a normal and frequent   state of mind for human beings. It is simply an open minded state. It   often occurs when we are in a relaxed and focused condition. We often   experience spontaneous states of hypnosis while day dreaming or driving   in a car, called highway hypnosis. 

 Everyday people with normal intelligence are perfect candidates for   hypnosis.

Is hypnosis safe?

Hypnosis was recognised by the medical professions in the UK and USA   in the 1950s. It has been around a very long while and there is no   record of anyone every being stuck in hypnosis. You can emerge your self   from the session at any time you choose.

Will I remember anything?

Hypnosis is not sleep. You are generally relaxed, your eyes are   closed but your attention is focussed. Your hypnotherapist may use the   term ''sleep', a hangover from years gone by, just look and act like   sleep and you will have a wonderful session. Go to sleep and you will   miss the session and you will still be billed :-) 

Can I drive after the hypnosis session?


Most hypnosis session you will experience very deep relaxation. Your   hypnotherapist will ensure you are full emerged and ware before you   leave the office.

How long does it take?


I allow 90 minutes per session. There is a pretalk and post talk and  the sessions itself. Each session is individually planned for each   Client. They can be longer or shorter.


Can I claim Medical Benefits?

 Many Health Funds are now onboard recognising Hypnosis as a   complimentary therapy. A list of supporting funds is available from your   Hypnotherapist. There is also a form letter available if you wish to   petition your Health Fund.