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Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Weight Control, Sleep, & more


As a Certified Trainer for the Hypnotherapy profession, Bruce's skills as a Hypnotherapist are sought for individual consultations addressing: Anxiety, Depression, Weight Loss, Fears, Phobias, PTSD, Public Speaking, Nail   Biting, Self-Esteem & Confidence, Motivation, Sexual Issues, Anger, Worry & Guilt, Relationships, Sleeping Issues, Pain Management, Stress Reduction, Professional Organisation Coaching, Sports Performance.........................And much more.......................and ALL DRUG FREE

Collectively, LGBTI+ people experience more mental health challenges than other Australians. This is not because of their sexuality, sex or gender identity, but because of the discrimination, prejudice and exclusion they face - such as legal constraints, community attitudes, 'therapies' designed to change sexual orientation, and threats and acts of violence. Hypnotherapy is a great choice for those in touch with their feelings facilitating building of confidence and self esteem.

Committed to professionalism and a member of the Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists Association Inc. and enthusiastically working with GPs, Psychiatrists, Psychologists and other leading Health Professionals.

Recognised by progressive Health Funds for rebate

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Heart felt thank you to you Bruce

Through my sessions my pain has lowered significantly, my wobbles have lessened and consequently my confidence is returning.

Much more importantly though I feel an inner strength to continue to improve – my health issues, yes, but also my well being, and my relationship with me, those close to me and the general world. It feels wonderful to have a desire back to plan for the future.

And all because of you Bruce, so my deepest thank you.


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The sessions helped me relax at   the time and has a continual benefit. It was like breaking the anxiety   cycle.   LJ  SA

Hi   Since I did hypnosis with you to decrease my fear of flying and   emotional stress I have felt a marked decrease in my stress levels. I   have been feeling much calmer, confident and very relaxed and feel   really great.   MB   SA  Note: This person has since travelled extensively   overseas