SleepTalk for Children



SleepTalk™ for children is a practical   process of assisting parents to help their children maximise their   individual potential.I train you with advanced specialised   techniques of parent child interaction, I do not see your child.   It is based on the fundamental principles   of how the human mind and brain functions.    It is primarily effective for children   between the ages of approximately 1 year old and puberty.   SleepTalk™ can help your child with: 

  • - Nervous Habits (Nail Biting,   thumb sucking, etc) 
  • - Bed Wetting 
  • - More Assertiveness 
  • - Ability to Reach Goals 
  • - Better Health & Well-being 
  • - Increased Enjoyment of School & Learning 
  • - Improved Concentration 
  • - Better Relationships with everyone that Matters 
  • - Confidence to Stand up to Peers   (ability to say NO to Bullying, Sexual Harassment, Drugs, etc)  

With only 3 minutes of your time each evening, SleepTalk™ gives you   peace of mind and enables you to take back control.  

  • Remember: “It is not what you leave your children that matters   but what you leave within their minds...”  JG