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Firstly for all the sceptics that have never had a migraine, they are real!

Chronic migraines are frequently treated with drugs to mask the pain. Generally, I do not subscribe to this treatment, because pain is a call to action, something is physically malfunctioning.

In the case of migraine there are a number of approaches I use. By far the most effective and long term solution is hypnotherapy. It is well understood that migraines have their roots in stress/anxiety. Even though stress/anxiety may not be in your immediate focus at the time of the migraine but health professionals agree that’s where it starts. Hypnotherapy to address this situation may take 4 – 6 sessions.

Additionally I can offer self hypnosis taught to you during the one on one sessions while under hypnosis. This is by far the best and most powerful way to learn a very powerful mind-body-spirit advanced self hypnosis technique.

Finally, I am also a certified EFT practitioner and over the years I have found this technique has provided instant short term relief and for the committed Client who takes on ongoing practice of EFT long term relief is possible.

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