Guest Speaker/Presenter

Bruce could be your next guest presenter

Bruce is an accomplished presenter and speaker. Be it a motivational address or an information presentation about Hypnosis. It could be on a specific topic related to Hypnosis or an overview and explanation of why it does work and that normal people with normal everyday problems can be helped with Hypnotherapy. In most cases this is a community service provided by Bruce.

It really is worth giving Bruce a call. What have you got to loose - he might be busy at the time you want, so pick another time.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Training & Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker & Presenter

EFT Workshop


Stressed, have a fear or phobia? The Emotional Freedom Technique can help you. This 3 hour workshop is hands on. The EFT technique is demonstrated, you are taught it and then you practice it so that you finish the workshop knowing you are competent. Get a group of 6 or more together and give me a call.

Mind, Body ,Spirit Self Hypnosis


7th Path is an advanced form of Self Hypnosis. You are taught Self Hypnosis when hypnotised making this approach extremely powerful. Learnt over 2 days, that's right, this is not a 2 hour grab for cash. Group sessions are fantastic. Get your group of 6 or more together and give me a call.

A career in Hypnotherapy


Bruce has a Diploma of Education and is an Internationally Certified Professional Hypnotherapy Instructor with qualifications recognised in Australia and the world over. These courses are not for the couple of days want to be a hypnotist! If you are serious about  Hypnotherapy, want to learn and be confident with advanced techniques in your chosen  career, you need to invest time so start by giving me a call.