Weight Control - Shape & Size

Benefits of working with Bruce

  •   Reduce reluctance and develop enthusiasm for exercise
  • Develop new and better ways of thinking and food selection
  • Looking better and feeling better inside and out
  •  Understand unresolved emotional issues from your past 
  • Deal with hunger feelings and control your food portions
  • Healthier and happier lifestyle because you are loveable

Tips and Tricks

We have all been given advice, so from professional and some from 'those that just know' how to do it.

I have a list of things that have supported and worked for my Clients that will be discussed and made available to you.

We are happy to work with your GP, Dietitian or other Health Professionals for you to achieve your goal.

If you want Weight Control info I have lots and lots. I am not going to clutter this site with marketing material. Contact me if you want more articles, example and more...

Hypno Gastric Banding

This technique is not something that every Client wants but it is very effective for those who chose this path.

It does require sessions other than the 'Banding' to fully address all aspects of the Weight Control issue and it does require a commitment to listen to specially prepared powerful CDs maintaining a strict schedule.

The Truth

  • Myth 1 - Hypnosis is magic. Hypnosis cannot make you lose weight. It can increase your awareness of your feelings so that you can decide what and how much to eat. Hypnosis can make you aware of your size and shape which will encourage you to increase your exercise.
  • Myth 2 - Everyone has issues from the pass that cause weight gain.  Whilst this is true in many cases it is not true for all. We develop a program specific to your needs.


You will have no worries being a skinny girl :-) can't praise Bruce enough I feel good :-)

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Hey Bruce, just wanted to share in a little success I had this morning. I was eating my breakfast (leftover beef stew) & I had forgotten about saying "1 half" but I remembered when I had a few mouthfulls left. As soon as I remembered "1 half" I was full. Straight away I took it to the kitchen, threw it in the bin and cleaned my bowl. Pretty shocked. I also noticed that my body shape has changed but very slight so I hadn't noticed previously. Looking forward to next meal time 😀 Thanks Signed

Choose what works for you!

You can organise a group and Bruce will do Group Sessions (max 10)

1 on 1 Weight Control - usually 3 sessions

Hypno Gastric Banding - usually 3 sessions + CD


Can Hypnosis Make You Thin (pdf)